We’re currently in transit and hurtling full speed towards the first dates of our 2015 European tour. Joining us for the experience is the distinguished Aron Ward of Bristol’s very own Y CVn, who’ll be in charge of automotive and in-van mediation duties for the duration. Hoping to meet a few new people, enjoy some of the fine cuisine of our more cultured neighbours and perhaps make a little to much noise throughout. As mentioned, we’re particularly excited about opening for La Colonie De Vacances midway through the excursion.

Our November dates conclude with a show at the Strange Behaviours festival in Stirling on Nov. 21st – the alma mater tourist town of 2/5 blinkers. Will be nice to see some familiar faces at that: we’ll likely be able to relay a variety of thousand-yard stare accompanied stories about tinned fruit shrines and Italian deli-based voodoo by the time we return.

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