Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer notre tournée française !
Cannot wait to get back to our second home for these shows.

August / Août
09 – Le Quartier, Tours [FR]
10 – Le Terminus, Rennes [FR]
11 – Zéro Degré Est, Les Roches-l’Evéque [FR]
12 – MordorFest, Lozere [FR]
13 – MordorFest, Lozere [FR]
14 – La Ratapenade, Marseille/Roquevaire [FR]
15 – Brin De Zinc, Barberaz [FR]
17 – Raymond’s Bar, Clermont-Ferrand [FR]
18 – Le Rigoletto, Paris [FR]
20 – BLOC+, Glasgow [UK]

Hello Central Asia

Um. So the “Super Sex” video seems remarkably popular with people in Central Asia. If you are reading this and that is you, HI! Nice to meet you.
At time of writing, almost 1.7 million people have seen it and we’re a little dumfounded. But pleasantly so.

If we ever work out how to get over there and play we can thank you in person. Get in touch.


Shout out to late 2021

So clearly Covid-19 took a sledgehammer to everyone’s plans, in music or otherwise.
All we could do as a band was adapt and seek to make some sort of use of the unorthodox circumstances.

As you may know, we were about 2 weeks away from a European tour when widespread lockdowns landed.
That tour – and the 7″ it was intended to promote – will happen as soon as we can make it. We really appreciate the faith the various promoters showed in us and we’ll return that by prioritising them when we start to rebook for 2022, so if you planned to go, there’s a good chance you will get a second opportunity.

Meanwhile, stuck indoors in Scotland, we got a lot done.
Our (overdue) debut album was put on hold as we realised there was no sense releasing it when we couldn’t support it or bring it to audiences in person. So that release will happen and it will hopefully justify what has now been a long wait.
The good news is that we also began work on some other small releases during lockdown (including the “Mini Calcolatore / Super Sex” double-A-side single released with the help of GoldMold records).

Those lockdown sessions have since snowballed into an EP and perhaps even an album’s worth of new music built around a concept of Outblinker’s instrumental work and the vocal contributions of friends from across the underground music scene.
Stay tuned to hear some of this in the near future.

In the meantime, thanks to that cancelled tour, we have a host of lovely merchandise sitting over at our Bandcamp for you to get Grandma for her Christmas.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with us. Lots to come in the next 12 months.


Melancholy Euro Tour Update 2017

Hey folks,

So it is with no small amount of sadness that we have had to make the decision to postpone our lengthy European tour due to commence October 17th.

Our majestic Italian synth-stallion Luigi has been battling some health problems for the last year. A scare last week saw him spend some time in hospital and made it clear that it would not be safe for us to risk a month on the road until the wounds and the man’s infamous mojo has time to properly heal.

It is our hope that the run of shows will be rescheduled before summer, health allowing. We are holding off making a call on the couple of domestic shows that were booked until we hear from the doctors.

It goes without saying that Luigi will be back to 110% that of any normal man, provided he gets some proper rest and relaxation.

Sorry to anyone who is disappointed. Trust me, no one is more so than ourselves.

As something of a consolation, a new Split EP is on the way shortly and the new badges arrived.

Lots of Love
– Outblinker