Outblinker “EP” launches on June 15th

If you are reading this you must know some very important people. Or be a very bad Dutch typist.


You should know that the debut recording by the electro-rock group Outblinker is completed and will be avaiilable to the planet from Monday June 15th on the excellent Good Grief / GabuAsso Records.

It will be preceded by three incredibly in-demand concerts, rammed full of celebrities and powerbrokers.

These will happen on:

June 10th – Two’s Company Studios, 61 Old Market Street, Bristol – with Y Cvn + Olanza + Motes + A Procession

June 11th – The Waiting Room, 175 Stoke Newington High Street, London – with Y Cvn and perhaps another

June 13th – Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow – with Zyna Hel + Y Cvn

Here’s hoping you are appropriately dressed to get in. The EP will be available for purchase at these three shows prior to it’s official release which allows you a short window of illegal advance torrent activity. Better move fast.

OUTBLINK poster copyC

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