“Hallo Gallo” – charity cover of Neu!

“Hallo Gallo” originally by Neu! as covered by OUTBLINKER (that’s us) in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care – available HERE! with all profits going to help this amazing charity helping the people who need it most.

And if you think we made a shit job of it, why not donate £1 to MCCC and we’ll consider maybe never playing it live…

“The Remains Of Walter Peck” EP

Abrasive electro music with a throbbing punk-rock heart.

“…as blissful as they are boisterous.” – NME (uk)
“Eviscerating…” SPIN (usa)


“The Remains of Walter Peck” EP

WALTER LAUNCH poster copyOur latest record – the title of which you can find, perfectly typed, at the head of this message – will appear in your life on May 6th via Stabbed In The Back Records, should you choose to let it.
To accompany it we have organised an “official” launch night in Glasgow on May 4th (see poster) where you can grab one of 50 limited edition, advance, hand-made copies of the EP. This is followed shortly-after by a dangerously loud and cramped Stirling date amongst friends (and enemies) on Friday 6th at Mediterranea to wet the baby’s head, so to speak.
We’ll be appearing at Brew At The Bog Festival on June 4th amongst other bits and bobs (announced in due course). Then towards the end of the year we will finally release our debut album and get wired back in to some real European touring and self-destruction.
The material on this three track EP was recorded (and partly written) with our friend and mentor Benjamin Power in an ancient church on a remote island in Orkney during a particularly fruitful and surreal creative voyage into the unknown.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our musings on death and fame.
The EP is now available for PRE-ORDER

We’re currently in transit and hurtling full speed towards the first dates of our 2015 European tour. Joining us for the experience is the distinguished Aron Ward of Bristol’s very own Y CVn, who’ll be in charge of automotive and in-van mediation duties for the duration. Hoping to meet a few new people, enjoy some of the fine cuisine of our more cultured neighbours and perhaps make a little to much noise throughout. As mentioned, we’re particularly excited about opening for La Colonie De Vacances midway through the excursion.

Our November dates conclude with a show at the Strange Behaviours festival in Stirling on Nov. 21st – the alma mater tourist town of 2/5 blinkers. Will be nice to see some familiar faces at that: we’ll likely be able to relay a variety of thousand-yard stare accompanied stories about tinned fruit shrines and Italian deli-based voodoo by the time we return.