Glasgow, Scotland

Outblinker is a maximalist post-punk project based in Glasgow, Scotland.
The group is comprised of members/ex-members of cult European underground acts like Dead or American, Coffin Mulch, Kabobo and Hey Enemy and have cemented a reputation for euphoric, high-impact live performances, honing their craft across the European DIY and squat scene since 2016.

Comparisons and influences include the angular punk energy of Wire, the cyber-prog of Trans Am, the cinematic bombast of GY!BE, the saturated electronica of Fuck Buttons and the pumping EBM of Frontline Assembly.

#electro-rock #post-punk #post-rock #krautrock

Here are a few bullet points that might be of interest:

  • Live electronic rock music, no laptops.
  • Latest recordings (as well as those previously) co-produced by Benjamin Power (Blanck Mass/Fuck Buttons – also worked with John Carpenter, Placebo, Black MIDI, etc).
  • Most recent video release from 2021 – a cover of “Super Sex” by Morphine (see below) – is sitting at more than 2 million organic views thanks to some pleasantly-surprising initial interest from Central and Southern Asia, Australia and now the USA.
  • Our “Remains of Walter Peck” EP was premiered in SPIN magazine in the USA.
  • Touring the European DIY circuit in a mobile metal box since 2016.

“…as blissful as they are boisterous.”NME

“…Glasgow’s status-quo rejectionists…”SPIN

“…a slab of mind expanding noise…”Clash

“…slick modern kraut for an uneasy Britain”The Skinny



Tour party – 4 (5 with driver)
Accom – a clean floor is totally fine. Preferably no pets in the room please.

Safe parking please. Medium sized van.

Our full backline is provided and we are happy to share drum shells/stands.

Tech spec available upon request.

We travel with a small sound system that we use as extra monitors but it means we can also perform in small rooms (galleries, squats, prison cells) which don’t have a PA. So we are open to interesting ideas or unusual concert offers.

all inquiries – outblinker@gmail.com
A live performance of “Kurt Gödel” featuring guitar by Jason Costello.
“Kurt Gödel” split EP version.
Live session @ White Noise, Netherlands
A cover of “Super Sex” by Morphine created during lockdown to stay busy.
Yes that does say 3.6 million views.